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Hello all! For you services of production of the base of any kind are offered. The ground-breaking ceremony. You can select and order online you are interested in the option. I will install the foundation at a low price. There are new promotions for laying the foundation and some conditions for the order, the implementation of which you will get a good discount. Production of concrete foundations. In this article you will learn about the types of foundation and some tips for selecting its type.

Types of foundation

The foundation is the foundation of any house. It depends on the strength and durability of the entire structure of the building. In construction, there are several main types of foundations: strip, pile, screw, monolithic, columnar. Strip Foundation consists of plates buried in the ground, and leaning on them tapes, closed in a single structure. The Foundation on screw piles cons. Moreover, the tab is not only around the perimeter of the building, but also under all planned partitions and walls, which allows you to evenly distribute the load from the whole house on the ground under the Foundation. Due to the fact that the implementation of the strip Foundation does not require complex soil preparation and its production takes much less material than other types, it is considered the most budget and chosen for the majority of the average buildings. Bitumen mastic for waterproofing of the base the price. This Foundation is often used in the construction of low-rise buildings. There are two types of strip Foundation: Monolithic, in which the first metal frame is made throughout the base, and then made by pouring concrete. The team, consisting of blocks, fixed together with a reinforced cement. Depending on the expected load on a strip footing perform low-depth or globalsupply types. Pile Foundation consists of reinforced pillars, between which the load is distributed from the structure of the house. Concrete block plant. This type of Foundation is used on so-called weak soils, as well as in places where flooding often occurs. Thanks to its design, it will save the house from sagging. Share printed piles, run with the help of drilling with concrete and rebars, and driven, which drives into the ground using special equipment. Driven piles are made of metal, wood and concrete. In the usual construction often use metal pipes filled with concrete and rebar. This is the most cheap and simplified version. Screw type Foundation is a kind of pile. Production of concrete foundations. The difference with hammered piles is in the use of bases with screws at the ends, which makes their installation even easier and more reliable. This is a relative novelty in private construction. Monolithic foundation is a solid reinforced concrete Foundation. There are ribbon, pile and plate types. Due to its high strength, it is used for both one-storey and multi-storey buildings. Foundation plate technology. Columnar foundation is a kind of support, which line up at certain points of the house. It is designed for simple construction of the endowed type. For production reinforced concrete blocks, stones or a brick are used. Easy and simple to perform, but not reliable.

What foundation do you need?

Before you decide what type of foundation and its varieties you need it is you need to conduct a geological study of the soil, through which you will learn the features of the land allocated for construction. Find out the structure of the soil, its heaving, the ability to drawdown, the location of underground water and seismic activity. The blocks for the Foundation sizes and prices. After that, calculate the expected load on the Foundation, which includes not only the mass of the erected structure, but also people, furniture, equipment. And to act on the principle of the more, the better is not profitable, as it will make the Foundation more expensive. Use the services of engineer-designer. On what load can withstand the Foundation will depend on the size of the towering structure. Also, decide in advance whether your house needs a basement or ground floor. After all, not every type of Foundation can allow it.

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How to order the installation of the foundation?

To order the installation of the foundation fill in the application online. Specify the type of foundation and the expected area, select the preferred material. In the column "Feedback" carefully fill in all the data. The Foundation on screw piles cons. The website automatically calculates the cost of your order taking into account the discount and shows the final price according to the given algorithm. You'll get a call attentive consultant to confirm the order.

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